Eastern Divide Ultra

And 8-Miler

We've had a number of questions regarding our plans for this year's Eastern Divide Ultra and 8-miler. Here goes...

Race day is scheduled for June 20th. The CDC's recommendation of no events with large groups, as of now, ends sometime in late-April/early-May. Other recommendations for larger sports gatherings extend into mid-June. The Eastern Divide date is *just* beyond the cut-off for that.

That being said, we're not at a point of canceling this year's race just yet. We recognize, though, that with the current situation with COVID-19 and news and restrictions being fluid, it can make folks hesitant to register for anything. That's ok. If you're nervous about signing up for something that may or may not happen, hold off. We're ok with that.

IF we end up canceling this year's race, there are 3 options:
1 - Defer till next year.
2 - Donate your entry fee towards Fitness in Action (a non-profit set up to get kids moving). We can mail you a tax-receipt.
3 - Transfer your entry to one of our Fall races (Lake Ridge Endurance Run (6 hour only), High Bridge Ultra, or Old Glory Trail Runs.

If we DO end up having the race, we anticipate having a lot of folks sign up last minute. We've waived the last pricing tier for the ultra and it'll be $75 from now till race day.

If you have any questions, let us know. We're keeping an eye on things and want to stay on par with what's going to help kick this virus. We hate seeing all of these races cancelled, and we hate the thought of doing it ourselves, but safety is always our number one concern.

Till then, train like you mean it (however that can happen for you!) and wash your hands!Type your paragraph here.

Steve Englund

EDU Race Director